Efforts toward environment

XSOL contributes to Environment and society

As a responsible member of society regarding global environment conservation as the most important issue, XSOL will devote to contribute to human’s health maintenance and global environment conservation through all corporate activities, with an aim to keep innovativeness in the action.

Report on the amount of CO2 reduction calculated
from an annual track record of
solar power generating system installation


We XSOL, the company whose management philosophy is contribution to society through providing the services using solar power generation for global environment conservation, introduce the amount of CO2 reduction calculated from the track record of solar power system installation in the 15th period (June 2014 – May 2015).

  1. according to “Self-restraint rules concerning labeling” by Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association
    Average CO2 emission amount of power companies – CO2 emission amount at the time of solar power production = Reduction effect
    551g – 45.5 g = 505.5g = 0.5055kg – CO2/kWh
  2. according to “Method for Greenhouse gas to Support the Development of the Next Generation” by Ministry of the Environment and Forestry agency
    The CO2 absorption amount per one cedar tree is correspond to about 14kg per yea

In-house solar power generation plant

As a “self-producer of energy”

1.8MWFukuchiyama, KyotoXSOL Fukuchiyama solar power plant
Location:Fukuchiyama, Kyoto
Power output1.80MW
1.79MWYachimata, ChibaXSOL Yachimata solar power plant
Location:Yachimata, Chiba
Power output1.79MW

Do you know that the solar energy falling to the earth only for one hour is enough to manage the energy needs of the whole world? XSOL has established the large-scale in-house solar power plants; XSOL Fukuchiyama solar power plant (1.8MW) in July 2014 in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto, and XSOL Yachimata solar power plant in June 2015, in Yachimata, Chiba respectively.
XSOL engages in all maintenance work in these power plants. So we can acquire the accumulating data of power generation and every know-how related to construction, that we put the best use of continuous development of technology and products. XSOL will continuously evolve to contribute to the improvement of environment toward the future of the earth.

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