CSR promotion

We XSOL regard CSR as the management itself, which is to embody our management philosophy. In order that the company has the responsibility for the impact of its activity on society and contribute to sustainable development of society, we are focusing on the following three priority areas to promote our activity:

Three priority areas

1. Environmental efforts

As a company who hold up its management philosophy as preservation of global environment, we strive to become a successful social role. All employees are united in our commitment and making the best efforts to preserve global environment throughout all corporate activities. Specifically, we work for contribution to CO2 reduction through spread of solar power generating system contribution of local community using our proprietary management resources and the company’s strong point

2. Corporate governance

XSOL comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other rules, value the corporate ethic and conduct our business activities in a fair and honest manner. We regard the establishment of corporate governance as the most important issue to be addressed so that we strive to improve transparency of management and to strengthen management audit function and risk management system by dedicated committee, to expand internal control system and to optimize operation.

3. Relationship with Stakeholder

In order to enhance corporate value and promote CSR in the right direction, we emphasize communication with stakeholders.



We strive to create a reliable relationship with customers by providing stable, safe, high-quality services.


We aim at creating an amicable relationship with suppliers that can execute each responsibility and glow together in order for customers to use our service safely.

Local community

We continue to build a good relationship with local community as a decent corporate citizen in contributing the community development and other local activities.


We strive to educate and train employees who are able to be proud of his or her corporate activity.


We endeavor to improve corporate value, and ensure adequate disclosure and management of corporate information.