The Basic Compliance Policy

In belief that being a company that continues to earn the trust of society is the most important; XSOL’s basic policy is to comply with social norms and company regulations including ethics as well as compliance with laws. Based on this, we, led by the top management, strive to establish the effective compliance system and to ensure the company ethics.

Specifically we will make our best efforts to implement the followings.

Compliance with laws
All corporate activities should be based on the spirit of compliance with laws. As a member of society, we conduct the corporate activities in fairy manner through ensuring compliance with the applicable laws: the Construction Industry Law, the Electricity Business Law, and the Unfair Competition Prevention Law and other related laws.
Fair disclosure and management of corporate information
We exert ourselves to earn the trust of society through disclosure of corporate information in positive and fairy manner and to manage adequately any information including personal information that is held by the company
Respect for Human Rights and Environment
Through all corporate activities, we maintain a sound relationship with stakeholder in respecting human rights and environment as well as compliance with laws.
Against antisocial forces
If confronted with an inappropriate demand from antisocial forces, even it is due to corporate or employee scandals, we will confront in a forceful and resolute manner to refuse any transactions with them such as concealment of the fact and cut the relationship with them.

August 1, 2012
Kazushi Kawakatsu

The Basic Compliance Policy