Management Philosophy

XSOL will contribute to the society by dedicating ourselves entirely to offer every service utilizing solar power generation to protect the global environments.

XSOL have developed our business as the integrated solar power company since the establishment in January 2001, believing that our mission is to preserve the global environment by spreading the renewable energy. Pursuing this mission further and continuing to present cutting-edge technologies to lead the time and new solutions, we will advance toward the realization of progressive, easy-to-live future society.

Feelings to “XSOL”

Our company name “XSOL” is named after following combined words “X” expressed “possibilities” and solar diety “SOL”.
Our company logo that is based on the simple typed text “XSOL” and “O” with the sun is the confidence of leading solar energy company in Japan and expressing as “the only one solar energy innovation company”.

Corporate Information Management Philosophy