Development of independent product
and construction technology to embody
system cost reduction

XSOL has been keeping ahead of the industrial trend as an innovator of the solar business circles. We are expanding the line-up of products and services through identifying potential customers’ needs. Considering all process including manufacturing apparatuses/materials, distribution and construction together, we propose a system minimizing the cost and time. This effort leads to realization of system cost reduction and new value creation. XSOL has been developing cutting-edge products and technology with full of idea.


Bring innovation as System manufacturer

XSOL has been developing the products and technologies to realize new value creation and system cost reduction by getting force of each dedicated division together. We focus on the innovating a field of system establishment that is regarded as a problem of solar power generation. XSOL continues to lead the industry.

XSOL brand: Keep creating new value

The products and technologies developed by XSOL are presented as XSOL brand on the market. We also issue the construction ID standard and foster qualified staff to keep quality of our products and technologies. XSOL aims at system’s long-term stable operation, cost reduction and creation of new value correspondent to changing- circumstances in the energy industry and diversifying market needs.

Patent pending

Easy installation and Protect the roof

“X-5” is a rack of notched foundation dedicated for flat roof designed with low angle and low stature.This rack can be installed without damaging appearance of building, so it is suitable for used for residential houses as well as office buildings and public facilities.

Its low angle/low stature design hardly produces shadow which is badly affect contiguous solar module cell. X-5 simplify the construction process: non-slip sheets, rails and setting metals are placed side by side, and once module is equipped after placing the notched foundation, the construction is completed. Such simple work process prevents from damaging a roof.
Patent No. 5758748

No perforation makes no leak

Double adhesion method NAI-X is XSOL’s original method for layered folded-plate roof, using long-lasting adhesive bond jointly developed with CEMEDINE Co., Ltd. and high-functioned double-sided tape.

fig6As dedicated metal fitting is fixed with adhesive and double-sided tape, there is no need for perforating roof and no need to worry about leak and water-proof treatment.
Patent No. 5746957

One-touch installation shorten construction term

“XSOL RACK” is a solar energy system that works by combining with one-touch module (solar cell module wirth fitted in the back) and a rack with a side rails assembled a connector.

XSOL RACK’s side rail is designed so that an extension code can passed through its middle, so the bands and saddles are used for conventional cable banding is not necessary, which is free from anxiety of damaging the cable and capable of cable protection after installation as well.



XSOL construction ID system

Contractors who undertake the construction of XSOL’s solar power system needs to acquire Construction ID issued by XSOL. We provide them with proper lectures designated in Construction ID system so that we can provide high-quality construction service based on our criteria and the safe “system warranty” with our customers.