O&M(Operation and Maintenance)

Broad support for long-term operation
in various power plants
With proper operation and maintenance

XSOL has been focusing on importance of O&M ahead among other companies. We maintain a certain level of quality after start of operation through fulfillment O&M menu, assuming any risks, natural disasters and unexpected troubles may happen during the operation. Our total quality support service is capable of helping long-term operation of your plant.


A system is always monitored from the remote place. It helps us to detect and deal with any abnormal data change or its sign and minimize power loss at the time of trouble.


Our dedicated staff examines and investigates the entire system on site to cope with a damage of solar cell module and defect of power conditioner.


Remote monitoring

Checkup operation status through monitoring the system from remote place


Investigate abnormality through collecting power generation data


Examine the system visually to check the conditions


Replacement of the damaged parts with reinforcement and early recovery of the system failure

Provide O&M support to other company- constructed system

Wide variety of maintenance menu allows optimizing the system promptly

We have a wide variety of customers from small-scale industries to mega solar power plants, not to mention residential solar system. To cope with those customers’ needs and troubles such as improvement of vulnerable facilities…etc., we prepare the detailed support plan. Even a system constructed by other company, we undertake examination, repair and maintenance of the system if necessary.


Our dedicated maintenance staffs are assigned nationwide to offer speedy and uniformed quality around the country.

Improvement of property value of system


We issue completion drawing documents on the past industrial projects we contracted directly, in which includes system specifications, details of construction work, photographs and each guaranty…etc. Maintenance records will be added to this document that is helpful to check the system conditions continuously and enhance its property value as well as maintaining its quality.

Corporate Information Business Line O&M(Operation and Maintenance)