Based on XSOL’s own strict criteria
Enable us to provide one-stop-supply of high quality EPC

Since the company’s establishment in 2001, we have been deal with various solar power generating systems ranging from housing to mega solar. We promote one-stop-supply covering engineering, procurement and construction to reduce the total cost of the product. Since we are particular about the high-quality solar power system enabling long-term stable operation, we create our own strict criteria.



XSOL plans a business schedule, design a system, conduct a previous environment research in the installation site and discuss on the details with relevant institutes to start up the business. We can meet the various design rules of each manufacturer.


Based on the design, we carefully screen and purchase various components such as solar cell modules, power conditioners, electricity related materials, transforming units focusing on its durability as well as in-house product.


XSOL promise high-quality construction skill in accordance with our independent working instruction and construction criteria document we had established earlier than other companies in the industry.

Independent construction criteria document a basis
for long-term stable operation

XSOL makes efforts to maintain the high standard of quality by preparing the strict “working instruction”, and “construction criteria document” quickly from our accumulated know-how. Those documents are reviewed periodically in order that we can cope with environmental changes and market needs flexibly not only doing in uniformity manner.

XSOL’s working instruction / construction criteria document

Installation siteTypeListed items
Working instructionConstruction criteria document
RoofDetached house (Individual house)
  • Construction plan
  • Construction management
  • Trestle construction on roof
  • Masking
  • Carrying-in construction materials
  • Electric works
  • Design
  • Selection of components (materials)
  • Construction management
  • Test/adjustment/inspection
  • Explanation of handling method
  • Delivery of finished product
Housing complex
Low pressure (below 50kW)
High pressure (above 50kW)
GroundLow pressure (below 50kW)
High pressure (above 50kW)
  • Construction criteria document mentions a compliance with the law concerning the construction of the system both for residential and industrial (high/low pressure), and referenced JIS standards. It also mentions criteria of design, apparatus screening, construction management and inspection to pursue for better quality.
  • Construction criteria document is a written document describing the items for a contractor to follow on the construction.
  • At the time of completion of system, we provide a completion drawing which makes easier for the quality control after the operation.

Installation records
Meet various installation conditions ranging from residence to industy

High-quality solar power system based on our severe criterial realizes long-term operation possible. We have many installation track records around the country based on reliability and cost-merits by providing one-stop solution from design to construction.

Flat roof houseChita city, Aichi / 4.33kW
Inclined roof house
Utsunomiya city, Tochigi / 10.32kW
Flat roof house (low pressure)
Minamiashigara city, Kanagawa / 10.4kW
Snow areaIchinoseki city, Iwate / 45.9kW
Folded plate roofNagahama city, Shiga / 49.92kW
Mega solarIto District, Wakayama/ 1.25MW
Corporate Information Business Line EPC(Engineering/Procurement/Construction)